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Bar Equipment & Supplies

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Commercial bar equipment is a crucial asset to any restaurant, so it is important that you choose items which help you maximize production and efficiency. FSX offers the latest beer, wine and liquor dispensing systems, so you can be sure to keep up with customer demands. For temperature-controlled storage, we offer a variety of bar refrigeration equipment, from traditional direct draw coolers to containers equipped with a tap. Whether you are looking to outfit your bar entirely, or are just in the market for a few new pieces of equipment, we have everything you need to make sure your bar is ready for business. We even have the necessary equipment for those who are looking for portable bar solutions. Whatever your bar needs may be, you can find the necessary equipment at FSX.

Bar Equipment Helps You Dispense Beer and Keep Other Beverages Chilled


With the perfect bar equipment, you can streamline your bar operations and even expand your drink menu. FSX carries equipment that helps you manage your ice supply, store cold beverages, and keep your barware clean. This equipment is useful for all kinds of bars, such as pubs, breweries, and hotel bars. Additionally, bar blenders and commercial juicers help bartenders create signature cocktails. On the other hand, frozen cocktail machines can make it easy to dispense blended drinks. To assist in serving your guests, FSX also offers corkscrews and bottle openers, to help you quickly open bottles of wine, beer and other bottles. 


Having proper bar equipment is crucial to ensure your bar operates as smoothly as possible. Good equipment can make quite the difference in the quality of service you are able to provide. Customers truly remember great drinks and exceptional service - commercial bar equipment can help you to provide both. From ice machines to bar refrigeration, and even from cocktail glasses to cocktail shakers, you can find any bar equipment you may need at FSX.


Common Questions About Bar Equipment


What types of commercial bar equipment are available?


There are many different kinds of commercial bar equipment you can use to bring your food service operation to the next level. Commercial ice makers can provide what you need to keep your beverages cold, while bar refrigeration equipment keeps glasses, bottles, and draft beers cold. Blenders and cocktail mixers help operators blend frozen cocktails, while liquor dispensing systems pipe draft beer and wine from kegs kept in coolers.


Bar drinkware is also an option. There are plastic and glass drinkware available. Underbar equipment provides storage space for glass racks and boxes of additional equipment, while ice bins for bars provide standalone or drop-in ice storage. Liquor display equipment enables you to organize your liquor bottles Lastly, speed rails for bars can be purchased in order to keep popular liquor and mixers ready.


Other bar equipment can be purchased to help keep bars clean while effectively serving your customers. Bar mats help to capture water from wet glasses - holding them in place on a non-slip surface. Bartending equipment such as liquor pourers, garnish caddies, cocktail shakers, and bottle openers allow employees to prepare and serve products efficiently.


What are my options for bar refrigeration?


Commercial bar refrigeration equipment is specifically designed to keep your product cold. Back bar coolers have a subtle design which enables them to slide smoothly underneath bar counters. It is possible for them to hold everything from beer cans to bottles of wine. They can also be equipped with solid or glass doors. Bottle coolers, on the other hand, are made for storing and cooling cases of alcohol, while glass frosters and chillers help to chill beer mugs, glasses and more - creating a frosted appearance. Wine coolers, especially ones with glass doors, enable you to showcase your wine selection while keeping the bottles cool. Draft beer systems, also known as kegerators,  keep beer kegs cold while featuring built-in taps for dispensing beer.


Which commercial ice machine is best for a bar?


When choosing a commercial ice maker, there are two main factors to consider. First, you will want to decide how much ice you will need. Generally, cocktail bars need about three pounds of ice per person. That said, a bar which focuses on beer might not require that much. Second, you will need to decide what type of ice you need. If you are planning on making blended frozen cocktails, crescent, half-cube, or nugget ice is typically preferred, since it is easy to blend. For chilling high-end cocktails, you may prefer large, gourmet cubes, since they melt more slowly and won’t dilute the drink as quickly as others.

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