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Tablecloths, Table Covers and Table Skirting

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We have all the restaurant tabletop items that you may need to properly decorate your foodservice setup. We are stocked with a variety of these items, whether they be table covers, restaurant table linens, or something else. Our vast collection of tabletop supplies is sure to meet the needs of any restaurant. For restaurants, this equipment can help your business to exceed standards by providing a bit of elegance to your setup. 

Tablecloths and coverings provide a perfect backdrop for your dishware, glassware, and flatware. Not only do they protect your tabletop surfaces from scratches or water damage, but they also can improve the visual aesthetic of your dining room. Whether you are the owner of a casual pizzeria, a family-style diner, or even a five star restaurant, we have tablecloths, covers and skirting that will complement your establishment’s decor.

Our selection of tablecloths includes options made of various materials, styles, and sizes. You can choose disposable table covers which are great for catered events. Similarly, check out our more decorative table covers for five star restaurants. You can also pick from pre-sized restaurant tablecloths so they can fit any banquet table. Lastly, don’t forget to place table paddings underneath your table covers to minimize noise and potential tableware breakage.

Common Questions About Tablecloths, Covers and Table Skirting

Why should I invest in commercial-grade tablecloths?

Depending on the style of your establishment, table linens may be necessary in order to achieve the look you want, but casual dining establishments can also benefit from implementing tablecloths. First, these tablecloths help to protect your table from wear and tear. This could be caused by hot dishes, knife use, and regular clattering of plates, cups, and bowls. Using table liners is much cheaper than refinishing or replacing tables, meaning you won’t have to worry about scuffing or dents degrading the outside appearance of your establishment. Restaurant tablecloths can also be easier to clean than tables, since you can't throw your tables into a washing machine if they get dirty. Depending on the style of the cloth you purchase, cleaning might be a relatively quick process. 

Restaurant tablecloths, in addition to these other benefits, can help to reduce overall noise inside your establishment. Too much dining room noise can make your space feel impersonal, crowded, and unpleasant. Soft surfaces of tablecloths can help to dampen this noise, especially compared to the echoing surfaces of hard tables. 

Which kind of tablecloths do you need for your restaurant?

Your restaurant's level of formality determines the kind of tablecloths that will work best. You have many options including polyester, cotton, or microfiber tablecloths. Microfiber is known for its durability and cleanliness. On the other hand, it doesn't absorb spills like cotton, thus providing your customers less protection. Cotton is durable but also absorbent - unfortunately, it requires spot cleaning and frequent ironing. Polyester tablecloths are a good balance between cotton and microfiber. They are less absorbent than cotton but much easier to maintain.

Do I need cloth napkins for my restaurant?

On average, diners use about three napkins per meal, which adds up very quickly, especially in a moderately-sized venue. In addition, disposable napkins have their own packaging, which can be another source of unnecessary waste. Cloth napkins also help you present a nicer aesthetic to your customers. Customers associate cloth napkins with better table service and higher food quality, so if you're looking to establish your restaurant as a place for a nice night out - cloth napkins are a good place to start.