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Metal Serving Baskets -Wire

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If you are looking for a different way to present your bread, french fries, sandwiches, or other finger foods, metal food serving baskets are a great option. With a variety of styles ranging from rustic wire to chic welded circles, there is a wire food basket for any kind of restaurant. Some of these restaurant wire serving baskets are even formed into a cone, which brings a dynamic sense of height to table presentations. Best of all, metal is durable and can stand up well to daily use, especially in a busy restaurant environment.

Choosing metal baskets also won’t shatter if dropped, and can be available in a wide range of colors and styles. You can choose whatever look and shape best suits your needs. If you are wondering where to buy metal food serving baskets, FSX has a large selection at the lowest prices.

Wire Food Serving Baskets: What You Should Know

Metal food serving baskets are popular because they can be used in a variety of food service presentations – cone-shaped options are great for french fries, while oval-shaped wire food baskets make engaging plates for sandwiches or burgers. Different metals can bring varying benefits to your restaurant. Chrome, stainless steel, and cast iron options are available, which allow you to choose the exact material to best fit your establishment's aesthetics, as well as sanitation regimen. 

Common Questions About Metal Food Serving Baskets

What style of metal serving basket do I need?

Depending on the kinds of food you serve, you might need a special basket style. If you want to incorporate wire food serving baskets into the service of many different menu items, more generic options are typically best. Rectangular and oval-shaped metal serving baskets can be used for a lot of solid food items. You won’t want to use a wire food serving basket for runny products, as that may create a mess for not only customers, but waiters as well. Served with paper liners, items that are partially liquid, like a cheeseburger with ketchup on it, can be successfully given to customers in wire baskets for a unique appearance. Alternatively, if you would like to serve something specific, like french fries, you can likely find a dedicated french fry basket. If your food service operation always serves bread to the table, metal bread baskets with attractive designs on the side will likely suit your purposes well.