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Food Prep Bowls

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No catering operation or restaurant can operate to its full potential without food prep bowls. Our vast selection of these commercial bowls ensures that you have the necessary products to manage that specific facet of your business. We offer a variety of  food prep bowls and food preparation supplies, including commercial mixing bowls. FSX has all the food prep equipment you need to make sure customers are receiving the best experience. 

Whether you need bowls to beat, mix, toss, or whip products, we have a large variety of mixing bowls for your kitchen. From a large variety of vendors, you can expect the highest quality, most durable products for your kitchen. Whip up a batch of brownies, toss a delicious pasta salad, or even make dough for specialty pizzas.

A staple in many commercial kitchens, ingredient and mixing bowls are key to fast and efficient meal prep. Whether you are the chef of a restaurant or a baker, it is important to have your prep bowls ready, so you can keep up with incoming orders. It’s also important to choose from different materials, such as stainless steel and glass. Each material is beneficial for certain uses and different applications. We have standard and heavy duty stainless steel mixing bowls. We also offer some food prep bowls with non-slip bases for maximum control. Glass prep bowls are also great for baking, and some are even oven safe. Because of the complete clarity through the bowl, bakers can see when the ingredients are completely mixed together. If you're wondering where to buy food prep and mixing bowls, we have a large selection at the lowest prices.

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