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Braziers and Roasters

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While FSX offers a variety of traditional restaurant smallwares, we also offer high-quality braziers and restaurant roasting pans. Brazier pans and roasters specifically ensure that you have the necessary products to manage that specific facet of your business. FSX has all the braziers and roasters you need to make sure customers are receiving the experience possible. 

Braziers are pots that are fairly heavy and can hold large quantities of cooking food. Chefs like using them because they require little attention during cooking since they retain heat well even after heating. Use braising pots allows you to sear, braise, and cook vegetables, meats, and sauces. These extremely versatile pans feature depth, which helps when cooking large pieces of meat, however, they are also great for holding liquids. 

Brazier pans, which are also sometimes called rondeau pans, are often a great addition to your kitchen cookware collection. This is because they're truly so versatile. From browning meats to steaming vegetables, a stainless steel brazier helps you perfect your recipes. Slow cooking meats and vegetables in their juices while also building sauces helps to provide incredible flavor to your meals.

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