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Silver Plated Chafing Dish, 24 cm. with Roll Top Cover by Hepp
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Silver Plated Chafing Dish, 24 cm. with Roll Top Cover by Hepp

Product ID: fsx-00004267

Condition: New

Sold By: BauscherHepp

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Product Information

Creating the perfect setting for your buffet is easy with our wide selection of buffet stations. Born out of a passion for cooking and design, our banquet furniture combines the very best of both design and functionality. Our modular system allows for an endless number of configurations that bring a stylish and elegant look to any settng. Our wide range of chafing dishes and cookware, along with meticulously crafted holloware come together to complete your look. Of course, it’s all about the details. With a varied assortment of serving utensils, cutlery, and table accessories, we can help you execute your ideal food service vision, whether it’s farm to table, country club chic, or anything in between refined functionality. Roll-top lid runs quietly, and are easy to open with just one hand Handles are insulated. Condensation return is built into the edge of the lid. Rubber foot used so units do not slide or scratch. Lid of GN 1/1 is fitted with two high class disk brakes that can be set up and adjusted easily. Round chafing dish includes a special flex clip allowing the lid to be opened freely when using electric heating.

Product Model Number 15.3493.3010
Manufacturer Name BauscherHepp
Length Applicable, Information Unavailable
Width Applicable, Information Unavailable
Height Applicable, Information Unavailable
Depth Not Applicable
Weight 0.00
Materials Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe No
Color Other
Material Component Stainless Steel
Capacity Applicable, Information Unavailable
Made In America false

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