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Bar Refrigeration

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At FSX, our selection of commercial bar refrigeration equipment is sure to meet all of your needs. We are stocked with top-quality bar refrigerators for all bar settings, so that you find the items that best compliment your requirements. Whether it’s a back bar refrigerator, glass chillers, or glass frosters, we carry a variety of products that you may need to offer the best organization for your bar. Whether you are running a restaurant, cafe, pub, or bar, FSX has the bar refrigeration supplies you need to make sure customers are receiving the best experience. 

If you’re in need of restaurant equipment for your bar, bistro, or nightclub, our selection of bar refrigeration equipment is a great starting point. These units are perfect for storing and displaying beer cans and bottles, frosted glasses, as well as bottles of wine. A beverage cooler, also known as a bar refrigerator, is the perfect choice to keep your beer cans or wine bottles chilled. 

Common Questions About Commercial Bar Refrigeration Equipment

What is commercial bar refrigeration equipment?

Commercial bar refrigeration equipment keeps your canned and bottled beverages chilled, while also giving bartenders easy access to the products they need. Bar coolers are often used to refrigerate alcoholic beverages, however, other items – such as milk, cream, and other garnishes – can be stored there as well. Adjustable shelves on this kind of equipment can accommodate taller products, and most models have similar heights and depths, with width being the most important measurement to consider when choosing a unit. Bar refrigeration units typically come in sections, which range from just one to as many as four, so you should be aware of how much product you wish to serve.

How many sections do I need in my bar refrigeration unit?

If you only need to serve limited amounts of product, then a one-section unit would likely be the best option for you. These are ideal for restaurants looking to merchandise one single product, such as energy drinks or even popular beers. If you intend to sell medium- to high-volume products, then a unit with two to three sections would likely suit your needs. If your establishment is more like a sports bar, and you expect high demand for canned and bottled beverages, then you may want to opt for a unit with three or more sections.

What type of door do I need for my refrigeration unit?

Bar refrigeration units typically feature a variety of door configurations, such as solid, glass, swinging, and sliding doors. Each of these provide their own benefits.

Solid door models usually cost less than a glass door model and are more energy efficient because the doors are insulated with the same material as the rest of the unit. Glass door models, on the other hand, display the interior of the cooler, which prompts customers to be able to view the available beverages. This can promote impulse sales. Different from both of these doors, swinging doors are mounted on hinges and open to one side, which provide intuitive use and operation. The last kind of popular doors are sliding doors, which glide along a track horizontally. They're ideal for tight spaces, where there is limited room to move about. 

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